28-Day Summer Shred Challenge

June 15, 2018

A Complete Approach To Full Body Transformation

If you’ve been lacking motivation lately, or just in need of a fresh approach towards training, then my 28-Day Summer Shred Challenge is for you. Created from over a decade of competing and modeling, I’ve put together a complete program that includes daily workout programs, meal plans and recipes, and support and motivation. Available to limited numbers in small groups, this challenge will also include a cash-prize award to the best transformation.

Whether you’re a beginner, or no stranger to working out hard, my program will give you everything you need to really see a transformation in your physique, with the right support and motivation to help you stick to it for the full 4 weeks.

28-Day Summer Shred Challenge Breakdown

Think of this challenge program like a ladder, where by each week you climb a new step and the challenge becomes tougher. This approach towards progressive overload is what will force your body to adapt to the new changes, and from that adaptation comes change: lower body fat levels, greater cardiovascular performance, increased strength and power, and ultimately, a fitter, healthier, happier you!

  1. Weekly Body Assessments – Think of these as yardstick workouts – meaning something you can measure your progress on each week. It’s a challenging bodyweight circuit that remains unchanged throughout the 4 weeks, but you’ll notice how much fitter and more able you become.
  2. Week 1: Base –  It’s important to establish a solid foundation from which to build on, and that’s what this first week of the program is all about. You’ll learn the basics, form the routine, and begin building on your progress.
  3. Week 2: Strength  – Throughout week 2 you’ll be building on your strength, through a range of exercises and training principles. Not only will will you strengthen muscles, but also muscle ligaments for stronger joints.
  4. Week 3: Build  – During the third week you’ll start to increase the weights and focus more on building muscle, which leads to increased fat loss due to muscle requiring more calories for fuel, and increases your metabolic rate.
  5. Week 4: Shred – For the final week, you’ll be focusing more on circuits and drop-sets to improve conditioning and the overall aesthetic of your physique, and get ready for your end of transformation picture.

What Type Of Training Is The Summer Shred Program?

Get ready for 4 weeks of full body assault as you work your way through a range of specially designed programs to first establish a baseline, followed by strength, building, and ending with a shred week. You’ll work through a range of cardio workouts, stretch & mobility, and resistance training routines, with the approach for you to advance each week.

This approach to training and program structure is what helped get me ready for the stage, and one that continues to get me shoot ready any time I need to be in front of the camera. It’s a tried and tested approach that works for everyone ready to put in the work.

Below is a list of items used within the program:

Stability Disc
Swiss Ball
Yoga Matt
Medicine Ball
Dumbbells / Water Jugs Can Work
Resistance Bands (optional)
Bench / Pull Up Bar (optional)
Cardio Machine (can be performed outside)

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In Need Of A Challenge?

My 28-Day Summer Shred Challenge is an exclusive training program that’s open to a small, limited group, who will receive daily workout programs, custom meal plans, and motivation and support to coach you along every step of the way. Click here to find out more and secure your spot today.