4 Weeks to better exercises to better core strength, balance, and stability

June 15, 2018

Boost Your Training With Some Core Stability & Balance Work

Let’s be honest, when we think about fitness, it’s usually either about losing weight (body fat), or adding some more muscle. Balance training is often neglected, unless it’s part of some specific type of training normally associated with sports. One of the main interests I’ve had with focusing on my core stability and balance is to gain greater control on my body’s position, whether stationary or in transit.

We often think about strength and endurance as part of our training, but flexibility and balance are also key components when it comes to fitness in general. Besides benefiting us greatly in our sports, having greater bodily-awareness within the space around you, and faster reaction times to be able to react and adjust accordingly, will improve your ability to squat, jump, land, row, and lift to name but a few.

5 Key Benefits

There’s more to balance training than simply being able to stand on one leg. Check out these 5 key benefits of how my 4-week Core Strength & Stability Program can help boost your training and day-to-day living.

  1. Body Awareness – Body awareness is the sense of how your limbs are oriented in space, also known as proprioception.
  2. Coordination –  Improved coordination during balance training will be transferred into coordination in everyday life.
  3. Joint Stability – Balance training promotes stable knees, ankles, hips, and shoulders. This can prevent a large array of injuries including sprained ankles and serious knee problems.
  4. Reaction Time – Balance training can improve one’s reaction time. If you happen to slip or stumble when performing balance exercises, your body needs to re-balance immediately or you will fall. This in turn will improve your reaction time in everyday life.
  5. Long term health– Incorporating balance training into your exercise routine helps to maintain or improve your balance, which is needed to prevent falls and fractures. As we age, our balance can deteriorate, something we want to avoid

What’s In The Core Strength & Stability Program?

You’ll find this 4-week program included within my SixForty App and it’s designed to quickly advance complete beginners to have greater core strength and overall balance and stability. Each week is programmed to get you to perform many of the fundamental movements, which then progress’s each week. If you feel you need to repeat a certain week you can.

Every workout ranges from 8-10 exercises, and will show you how to perform each exercise for the desired amount of time. Certain movements require some equipment use, which are listed for you below along with suggested places to purchase them from.

Stability Disc
Swiss Ball
Yoga Matt
Medicine Ball
Dumbbells / Water Jugs Can Work
Resistance Bands (optional)
Chin/Dip Machine (optional)

Download SixForty App To Get Started

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By downloading and joining up to my SixForty App, you’ll have access to my other fitness programs all within one app. Follow one routine, and when you feel like switching it up, simply start a new program. You’ll be able to switch between multiple routines and pick it up right where you left off. You’ll also be able to access multiple recipes to help you get, and stay on the right track towards achieveing your goal.


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