Guys – now is the time for us to be talking about our faces & not just our bodies!-
I’ll admit – I’ve started having facials to keep my skin and pores clean, and whilst here at the Marina ManLand I met @draliqureshi – a plastic surgeon who is passionate about health & fitness.

We started talking and with a wealth of information on topics I think many of us just don’t want to openly talk about, we’ll be doing a LIVE Facebook stream addressing everything from male skin care to post-surgery exercise, and everything in between.

I’ll post more on my website, including a page where we’ll host the live stream and give anyone the chance to submit questions (anonymously), that we can answer during the stream.

The date is next Wednesday (Oct 10th) at 10am (PST), and I’ll follow up shortly with the website link for all questions and live stream feed.