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Choose from numerous programs that best suit your training needs and goals.

Perfect Your Form

Train with me and follow my step-by-step workouts on your phone.

Fuel Your Results

Follow daily meal plans that show you each recipe and what to eat.

Unlock Your Potential

Self motivation comes in the form of seeing results from your commitment to the programs.

About SixForty

✓ Multiple Programs
✓ Diets & Recipes
✓ Train 6x per week
✓ Beginner and advanced levels
✓ Shred unwanted body fat


“The plan is simply efficient and effective. It’s the best thing that happened to me.”

— Hassanien M.

“Since I got the app I have recommended it to every single friend. Super easy to use.”

— Remy W.

“ I love it! It provides structure which is huge for me. I don’t have to think about which workouts to do next.”

— Caty O.

What is SixForty?

SixForty is a dynamic mobile app that allows you to follow my personal training programs instantly and affordably. I walk you through each and every workout, focusing on form and function, so you can reach your goals safely and efficiently. Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, my SixForty App will guide you toward peak health and fitness. Train anywhere, track your progress, and get motivation from the SixForty community. Available on iOS and Android.